Sea Life Found When Scuba Diving in Hawaii

Vacationing in Hawaii affords the individual with the ability to see tremendously beautiful scenery, enjoy spectacular food, people, and for those adventurous sorts, there is scuba diving. Scuba diving in Hawaii is an experience everyone from the beginning scuba diver, to the more advanced scuba diver, will never forget. Hawaii’s warm, blue waters supply scuba divers with the ability to enjoy their experience even more. Another benefit to scuba diving in Hawaii is all of the sea life that you will get the opportunity to see.

Larger Sea Life

When visiting Hawaii you are bound to see a lot of different sea and bird life. Some of the larger sea animals that you will have the opportunity to see are whales, dolphins, and a host of sharks. In some cases, simply by taking a boat tour to your diving location you will have the opportunity to see whales and dolphins swimming peacefully out in the water. With respect to breeds of sharks that you will see, a few can be seen. Some of the common shark breeds people have the chance to see when scuba diving in the waters of Hawaii includes the Galapagos sharks, white tip reef sharks, and sometimes tiger sharks.

Reef Fish and other Sea Life

The waters of Hawaii are filled with a variety of smaller sea life, in addition to the sharks, dolphins, and whales previously mentioned. Scuba divers in Hawaii have the opportunity to see some of the estimated 680 different species of fish that live in the region. Of those 680 species, an estimated 450 species live their lives closer to the shore and near the reefs. This affords scuba divers, and snorkelers, with the chance to see a plethora of reef fish along with all of the coral in the area. Additionally, scuba divers have the opportunity to see a number of different rays and sea turtles in the waters of Hawaii.

No matter which island you are visiting in Hawaii, if you are scuba diving you have the opportunity to see countless numbers of sea life that will leave you with an experience that you are not soon going to forget after returning to the shore. The variety of marine life in Hawaii is truly remarkable. Enjoy all the sea creatures without disturbing their delicate habitat. Always have fun while respecting the aquatic animals around you. Make sure you also stay safe.