Sea Animals – A Look at Some of the More Common Underwater Life

Many people are enthralled by and amazed at the variety of sea animals and sea creatures that can be found in the oceans depths and in shallower waters around the globe. These fascinating animals sometimes end up on display in aquariums around the world for all to enjoy, and a visit to an aquarium is usually a memorable event that is characterized by viewing some of the most beautiful and fascinating critters on the planet. Let’s look at some of the sea animals that you might get a chance to see on display in aquariums around the world.


Known as some of the smartest “beasts” of the sea, the dolphin is a miraculous creature. Dolphins around the country that are kept in captivity perform shows for aquarium audiences, but they are just as resplendent when they are observed swimming and communicating with one another using their mysterious language.

Sea Otters

Adorable sea otters are among the most beloved sea animals in the world, and are a distant cousin to the land dwelling weasel. Sea otters are typically found along the coastlines of the Northern Pacific Ocean, but can be found in aquariums around the globe. As a special note, sea otters can never be called flirtatious; when not hunting for food, they rest in same sex groups known as rafts.


From the great white shark on down, one of the most revered (and possibly feared) of all sea animals is the shark, possibly because of the many horror movies like Jaws that portray them as having a voracious appetite for human flesh. In all actuality, in normal circumstances, sharks are no more interested in eating you than you are in eating them. You can see sharks in aquariums across the country or around the world, and in some locales – you can also go “swimming” with the sharks, inside a steel cage of course.


Beautiful and (sometimes) dangerous, the jellyfish are among the most popular sea animals. The jellyfish can be observed oftentimes swimming along on the water seaside, but does pose a threat if it stings you.

Tips for Visiting Sea Animals

When you book your trip to the local aquarium, be sure to buy your tickets in advance. Purchasing your tickets online can save you a substantial amount of cash, especially if you are going as a group of five or more people.