Explore the Deep From Your Own Living Room – Sea Animal Pictures

Sometimes you just want to share the wonders of the sea with your little ones. You can talk all you want about ferocious sharks, giant octopuses and titanic whales but the visual nature of most children wouldn’t allow them to understand half of it. So how can you give them a piece of underwater nature without wet suits, submarines or enormous goggles? One way is to get them to the nearest aquarium. But if that isn’t practical or manageable, this is the time that animal pictures should start to kick in.

Ever since the beginning of photography, taking pictures of wildlife has usually been the preliminary step in any study of an animal. It proves that new species really exist and allows for scientists and armchair enthusiasts alike to make their conclusions about the facts on a certain species. So there are few ways better for your little one to enjoy all the wonders the deep oceans have to offer than by showing him or her pictures of all those amazing sea creatures.

You can find such pictures in a variety of sources. Books have a lot of them and you can find several awesome pictures of animals from every kind of habitat in encyclopedias and other reference books. You can also find several of them with wonderful captions and lovely feature articles in nature, environmental and other kinds of knowledge magazines and journals. The Internet is another great source of wonderful pictures of sea animals, and you can print these pictures, make them into wallpapers or screensavers, and even manipulate them to increase the drama!

Pictures like these come in handy because in no ordinary circumstance would an average human being want to be in the water with something like a Great White Shark or a barracuda. So having amazing animal pictures is one way of sating a person’s curiosity in the comfort of your own home, without getting wet at all.

SeaWorld San Diego Discounts, Sea Animals and Rides Overview, and More

Southern California is one of the hottest tourist spots in the world these days, and one of the biggest attractions is SeaWorld San Diego. This is the home of many sea animals, including sharks, bottlenose dolphins, killer whales, sea turtles, and many more. The park provides a safe haven for many endangered creatures.

There are also plenty of sea-themed rides and shows people can check out. There is something for visitors of all ages.

Information About Discounts

The best place to order tickets and passes is the internet. The best deals are found at the park’s website. There are low prices on single day tickets, annual passes, memberships, and more. There are also discounts on meal packages for those who plan on eating at the park.

People interested in other parks in the area, such as the San Diego Zoo or Universal Studios, can find combo tickets at a discount price. It’s a lot cheaper to buy a combo ticket than to buy separate tickets for each park.

Sometimes SeaWorld gives out discounts for all-day dining as well.

About the Animals

There are dozens of amazing sea creatures at SeaWorld San Diego. The killer whales are always an interesting attraction. There are killer whales of all ages and sizes that can be viewed at the underwater tunnels. Guests get to watch as these amazing creatures glide beneath the surface of a massive pool.

The penguins are also worth watching. An artificial icy habitat was built just for them. Even though they’re in Southern California, they still get their very own winter wonderland. There have been more than 500 penguin chicks hatched and born at the park. Guests can visit Penguin Encounter to see these creatures up-close and learn more about them.


Another way to see the animals is during performances such as One Ocean. This Shamu show features killer whales, dancing fountains, amazing special effects, vivid colors, and more.

The Sea Lions LIVE comedy show is also entertaining. A sea lion comedy team will do parodies of popular TV series. The parodies include “Sea Lion Idol”, “Sea Lion SI”, and many more.


From the Manta double launcher coaster to the Wild Arctic Ride, there is no shortage of exciting rides at the park in San Diego. The Wild Arctic ride is unique. It gives people the chance to soar through the perilous landscape of the Arctic Circle without having to leave the safety and comfort of California. Even though it’s a flight simulator, it still sort of feels like a real experience.

Overall, SeaWorld San Diego is an exciting and interesting place. There is so much to see and experience that multiple visits may be required. Luckily, there are discounts on tickets and food available to help people get a good deal on their visits.

Brief Information About Deep Sea Animals

There are lots of interesting things living in the sea. Here is some information about Minuscule Sea Animals, Sea invertebrates, Sea Reptiles, Sea Mammals, Sea birds and other sea creatures.

Minuscule Sea Animals

Zooplanktons are the very small animals in the ocean biome – which mainly include of small crustaceans and fish larvae. Some examples of zooplanktons are protozoa, chaetognaths, mollusks, arthropods, annelids etc. There are 500 types of zooplankton animals recorded in the Sargasso Sea in the North Atlantic Ocean alone, whereas the total number of Zooplanktons in the entire world is expected to be more than a million.

Sea Invertebrates

Jellyfish, Octopus, Crab, these are sea animals which are usually distinguished by the absence of a vertebral column. These types of invertebrates are generally found in the surrounding area of coral reefs and these also referred to as coral reef animals. Examples of invertebrates in the marine biome include jelly fish, deep sea worms, shellfish, squid, octopus, star fish, crabs etc. As in the case of different land biomes, invertebrates make up an important portion of living organisms in water biomes.

Fish Species

There are more than 31,500 variety of fishes are there in various oceans of the world. These fish species range from microscopic fat infant fish to large whale sharks. Examples of well know fish species of the world include sardines, halibut, sharks etc.

Sea Reptiles

Sea Reptiles includes different types of sea snakes, sea turtles, and also some types which common between sea and ground such as the sea iguana and saltwater crocodiles. Most of the seas reptiles are found in the oceans are oviparous that is animals which put down eggs, with sea snakes being the only exception. Due to their tendency to come on land regularly, these reptile species are most frequently seen in low waters close to land. Although sea snakes rarely come on land, they do prefer shallow waters of estuaries particularly wherein they can get protection from their predators.

Sea Mammals

Dolphins and blue whales these are the two names that’s comes to your mind when we talk about sea mammals. Apart from these animals, Sea mammals include seals, sea otters and other types of whales include gray whale and humpback whale. In marine mammals list, Polar bears strictly don’t be eligible because due to the key role they take part in in marine ecosystem in polar areas.


Seabirds are also called as marine birds. Seabirds differ very much in lifestyle, behavior and physiology. Some of the well known seabirds include penguins, albatross, seagulls, etc. These seabirds are also popular for their traveling habits.

That was short information about sea animals which have an important share when it comes to the biodiversity of earth.