SeaWorld San Antonio Discount Tickets, Passes, Rides and Animals: A Guide at What This Park Offers

There is always something exciting going on at SeaWorld San Antonio. Whether you live in Texas or plan on visiting there, you need to visit this park and oceanarium at least once this year. It’s one of the biggest reasons why tourism in San Antonio has increased significantly over the past decade. Thousands of people flock to this 250-acre park everyday to go on rides, see sharks and dolphins, watch live shows, and so forth.

Discount Tickets and Passes

Before you get there, you need to shop online for some tickets. Ordering them in advance is your best option. You will find single day discount tickets, low prices on annual passes, discount membership options, and more. You can also find low prices on SeaWorld and Aquatica combo tickets. Be sure to order your tickets directly from the company itself.

Fun passes can be a good choice for Texas residents and non-residents alike. They are available at a discount price – usually no more than the price of a regular single day pass – yet they are good for return visits. Even if you will only get a chance to visit twice this year, it’s still a cheaper alternative than buying two single day passes.

Attractions to Check Out

There are so many fun things to do for every type of visitor: those interested in sea animals, thrill seekers, kids, etc. If you’re interested in learning more about the animals, you might want to check out the killer whales area and the shark aquarium. Where else would you be able to see monsters of the sea if not at SeaWorld? The San Antonio park is home to creatures ranging from killer whales to penguins.

The best way to learn about them is by participating in one of the animal interaction programs. The Grand Adventure in particular is worthwhile. You can learn about what goes on at the park at all hours of the day and night. You can put on a wet suit and enter the water to interact with the animals yourself.

If you’re interested in seeing the animals perform, you can check out the Shamu Rocks show. Majestic killer whales perform in a spectacle of digital media and lights. It’s a fun show that you and your family don’t want to miss out on.

As for the rides, you might want to go on the Great White. This 360-degree ride offers flips, breathtaking loops, curves, and corkscrews. You’ll race along at nearly 50 miles per hour on a floorless coaster.

Overall, there are hundreds of activities that you and your family can enjoy. For this reason, one visit simply isn’t enough. If you can, get some annual passes or fun passes and visit at least two or three times.

Las Vegas Top 3 Animal Attractions

With all the flashing lights, massive billboards, and the grandeur of Las Vegas, you forget that Las Vegas is more than just that. There are shows, attractions, and much more. One of the specialties of Las Vegas, and always a crowd pleaser, is the animal attractions located in the city. Here we take a look at the top 3 animal attractions.

1. Lion Habitat at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

Inside the casino of the MGM Grand, visitors can view the “king of the jungle” in a 5,000 square foot habitat equipped with it’s own waterfall. Open for viewing from 11 in the morning until 7 at night, visitors can snap pictures and watch as the lions interact with the handlers, chew on their gigantic rawhides, and even play with bowling balls. Although the exhibit is open for 8 hours, no one lion stays in the artificial habitat for more than 6 hours, as they are interchanged from their permanent home, which is on a 8.5 acre ranch 12 miles away from the hotel.

2. Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino

Visitors of the Flamingo Hotel and Casino receive an added bonus that is unmatched in Las Vegas. One of the more popular attractions, there contains a small island inhabited by hundreds of exotic birds, which is free of charge to the public. Climate and habitat are regulated for the animals, while plants and heat lamps are placed to make the birds feel right at home. The waters surrounding the island is home to many fish and turtles. You can view the penguin feeding at 3pm daily, in addition to the swans, ducks and flamingos that roam the grounds. Because of the around the clock hours and the convenience of not having to travel far to see this amazing sight, the Flamingo Hotel and Casino is a must see while in the Las Vegas area.

3. Mirage Aquarium at the Mirage Hotel and Casino

With the wide variety of hotels to stay at, and attractions to visit in Vegas, being unique is a challenge of each establishment. At the Mirage Hotel and Casino, the word unique is taken to a whole new level with fish and other sea animals added to the hotel lobby. Open for viewing all day, every day, this 53 foot long aquarium is home to over 1000 sea creatures and will make your check-in experience one you will never forget.

Our Trip To The Seaworld, Orlando – A Cherished Journey Through A Sea-Paradise

It had been long since I’ve learnt from various sources that the famous Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida that opened near the end of the second operating season of SeaWorld of Ohio, has been a phenomenal success from visitors all around the globe. Various reviewers have attributed the grand success to Disney that Orlando today has emerged as a tourist hotspot for a massive number of people that would make their way to central Florida for vacations. And there we were, to explore the marvels of central Florida and make the best of our winter vacations in January!

The first day in Florida was really an eventful one at the SeaWorld in Orlando, “the theme park mecca of the world”! To cut it short, we had a beautiful view of the Orlando airport, of the city in our way, the amazing palm treeline in each and every strip—and finally reached the spectacular sea world in the mid-day. What followed was a bunch of sweet little surprises and unforgettable encounters with a host of sea animals throughout the day!! And as we explored them all, little did we wonder how the SeaWorld has thrived as a remarkable vacation destination since its opening day in 1973!

Why did we choose the Sea World of Orlando as the first destination of our trip?

Well, as the world’s premiere marine adventure park with 200 acres of world-class shows, thrilling rides and unforgettable animal encounters, what else can beat the SeaWorld in the unmistakable appeal it holds for adventure lovers like me and my husband! For the records, more than 80 million visitors have explored the mysteries of the sea in the SeaWorld, along with up-close animal interactions and exhilarating thrills, and no wonder, we couldn’t wait to be part of that crowd! Above all, there were those new state-of-the-art rides such as “Kraken” and “Journey To Atlantis” we heard of which twist, turn, and drench guests with unprecedented thrills that we longed to explore. At the same time, amazing animal encounters with sea animals including killer whales, dolphins, sea lions, stingrays and more were too good to resist!

The shows and rides of Sea World, Orlando:

After that wholesome trip to the SeaWorld, we keep telling our friends over here that whether you choose to meet Shamu, the world’s most famous killer whale, or immerse yourself in the grandeur of the underwater circus called Odyssea, you are sure to have a show you’ll enjoy inside the amazing SeaWorld.

The Wale and Dolphins’ show, “Blue Horizon”:
What we really enjoyed was the Whale and Dolphin show: “Blue Horizons”! The set-up was a bit weird, but then it really kicked off well, with all the acrobats and diving, with the beautiful addition of birds to the show. Accompanied by a musical score, trainers performed alongside their aquatic counterparts, with the highlights of the show being the dolphin tricks including the usual fair of midair summersaults. Some of the underwater spirals seemed fairly impressive as well, requiring concentration on both the part of trainer and animal. I really don’t know much about the reviews, but to us, that was a good blend of performance from both the animals and the humans. All in all, a captivating and visually stunning show.

Compared to that, the enticing Shamu show didn’t live up to the hype that surrounded it. The Shamu show being the most popular show at SeaWorld, running 20 minutes and showing as many as six times a day had caught my fancies long before, as I chanced upon the website of SeaWorld, Orlando before planning for a trip here in January. The highlight of the performance was supposed to be the spectacular natural behaviors of orcas and the unique relationships that SeaWorld trainers have with these animals. We expected the show to be a one-of-its-kind, enlivening a spirit of wonder. It started off as a captivating, dramatic show, presented in a completely enhanced Shamu Theater, featuring new music, video and animal behaviors. However, the time was too short and as soon as we were prepared to transport our hearts to the edge of sheer wonder, the show was over.

However, what the Shamu show lacked was compensated by the amazing sea lion show, where “Clyde and Seymour take Pirate Island”. In this sensational show, an animal trainer dolled up like Mister Smee and his sea lion buddy pranced around the pirate-themed set. The setting was amazing, with the animals being the key point of the show. The show was funny and highly entertaining, taking animal intelligence to the next level!

About the Penguin encounter:

Next, we headed towards the fascinating Penguin encounter, renowned locally as the “SeaWorld’s slice of the Antarctic! Well, what a wonderful journey it was through a 120 foot long moving walkway, feeling as if we landed up in a frozen wonderland! And there they were, the darling Rock-hoppers, Gentoo and King, delighting us with their sweet little gestures! Moreover, it was such fun to see the wonderful activities of three species of flying birds as they jumped, slid and dived both above and below the water!

Well, the story of our enchanting journey to the SeaWorld of Orlando would be incomplete if I don’t mention anything about the host of spectacular rides like Challenge Kraken–that transport you to a domain of sheer excitement and ecstasy. Mind it, this one (Challenge Kraken) happens to be Orlando’s only floorless coaster where you would get to experience a fascinating journey to the Atlantis through a part water ride and part roller coaster ride!

After experiencing all the spectacular animal shows, fantastic rides and numerous animal attractions, we found there’s a lot more to explore in the mighty sea kingdom, including the Oyster Secret pearl diving lagoon and shop (where you have underwater treasures custom-made into beautiful pieces of jewelry right there), Shamu’s Happy Harbor, an unbelievably fun, “just-for-kids” paradise filled with giant pink flamingos and palm trees. And while coming out of the enchanting kingdom of sea animals, we also had the chance to have an exciting glimpse of the nightlife at Sea World, the celebrations of sight, sound, flavor and festivity at the Waterfront! Yes, that is the festivity that defines the most vibrant cities by the sea.

At the end of the day, when we were reached our hotel in Orlando, almost gasping for breath after a great exploration of the spectacular SeaWorld, I was really longing so badly to tell all my friends and near ones about a fascinating experience of being in a paradise for a day! If you have a family and above all, kids, looking for a great vacation, this is the place where you can touch and feed the dolphins, count the teeth on a shark and feed seals and sea lions! And if you are already an adventure lover looking for numerous animal attractions, where you can take your family below the surface, above the waves and beyond your expectations, what can be more enchanting than the SeaWorld?