Enjoying Sea Life in the Aquarium During Rhodes Holidays

Rhodes Island located in Greece is one of the major tourist’s spots because of its beauty as well as the facilities offered. Rhodes Island is rich in attractive sites and places. Whether you are looking for a limited budget vacation or a luxurious tropical holiday, Rhodes Island is the right place to be. The island has best hotels, shopping malls, resorts, restaurants, parks, transportation and entertainment facilities.

Colossus of Rhodes, seven springs, surfer’s paradise Ixia and many others worth seeing places are located here. The natural beauty of Rhodes: its beaches, hills, landscapes, rivers, flora and fauna attract nature lovers from all over the world.

Rhodes Holidays:

Whether you are looking for a close to nature vacation, relaxing vacation, learning vacation or an adventurous one Rhodes Holidays ideas covers all aspects. Rhodes Holidays can not fail to satisfy you, you can find everything you need for your vacation here.

For spending your holidays in Rhodes, one of the major attractions is The Aquarium of Rhodes.

The Aquarium of Rhodes- Hydrobiological Station:

The Aquarium of Rhodes is located in the Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes which serves as a research centre and is one of its kinds in the Mediterranean region. The station is located in the north of Rhodes town. The Hydrobiological Station has a small museum and an aquarium where research is conducted on oceanography.

The famous aquarium in this station is located in the basement of station building. The aquarium is an amazing place to see the marine life of the Mediterranean. Tourists and guests visit this station during Rhodes Holidays to get a close look at the sea organisms.

The Aquarium:

The Aquarium has 40 tanks and a capacity of 80,000 litres. The tanks hold a large population of Mediterranean vertebrates and invertebrates. The marine species living here include urchins, sea anemones, lobsters, fish, sea turtles, algae, octopuses, corals, bivalves, different sea plants and many more.

The different animals and plants here are given an environment similar to their natural habitat and are taken good care of. The aquarium has a unique layout and is well decorated. It is available for the public and tourists to see during Rhodes Holidays.

The area of the station where public is allowed is a circular area that displays thirteen small and fifteen large tanks. The children and elders equally enjoy seeing the amazing sea creatures in their natural behaviour and living. The unique experience provided by this aquarium makes it a must visit place during Rhodes Holidays.

Sea Creatures:

At the aquarium the visitors and guests can see various sea organisms. The rare and endangered species are also stored here and given proper care and protection. The sea creature found here includes sea turtles, echinoderms, crabs, molluscs, seals, sharps, dolphins, scorpion fish, phantom crabs, sea bass etc. Immigrant species of sea animals from the red sea are also found here.

Tourists and guests can find this place really informative. There is also a museum in the station where one can look at very interesting models and animals. The young children find the whole experience of visiting the aquarium really interesting. Families that come for Rhodes Holidays must bring their children here.

SeaWorld San Antonio Discount Ticket and Pass Info, Rio Loco, Animal Attractions, and More

If there’s one park that really stands out, it’s SeaWorld San Antonio. It’s located just south of the downtown area. It’s one of the biggest tourist spots in not just Texas – but the entire country. Never, ever pass up the chance to spend a day or two at the park. It’s filled with so many memorable attractions, rides, shows, and more. In fact, it’s one of the biggest reasons why San Antonio has become such a popular tourist destination in recent years.

From gondola rides to penguins, there is no limit to the interesting things found the park. It’s home to numerous sea animals, many of which are being rehabilitated due to injuries.

There is something for everybody to experience, no matter the age or lifestyle.

Discount Tickets and Passes

Whether you’re a Texan who wants to make visit after visit or a tourist who will only have one chance to visit, you will be able to find a good deal or two.

The discount tickets come in many forms: single day passes, annual passes, fun passes, memberships, multi-park visits, etc. Kids’ tickets are always available at discount prices, although you might be able to save money on an adult ticket as well. No matter what kind of trip you are planning, you should be able to find some discounts tailored to your needs. The multi-park combo passes include the price of admission for SeaWorld as well other parks in the area, such as Aquatica.

Fun Rides and Attractions

There are so many fun rides of every variety: coasters, splashy rides, kids’ rides, and so forth. The Rio Loco in particular is a fun, splashy ride that the entire family can enjoy. You can sit on a circular raft as it bobs up and down through the “crazy river”. Each raft has three sets of two seats, so there is plenty of room for you and your family.

If you are interested in the sea animals that live at the park, be sure to head to places like Dolphin Cove, Flamingo Cove, Penguin Encounter, Alligator Alley, Rocky Point Preserve, or Coral Reef.

Coral Reef is a wonderful place to visit, due to the sharks that live there. It’s a 700,000 gallon habitat that brings visitors as close as safely possible to the most dangerous creatures of the sea. Not only will you get to see sharks, you will also get to see hundreds of brightly colored tropical fish swimming around.

In addition to rides and animal attractions, there are also some must-see shows at SeaWorld San Antonio, such as Azul and One Ocean. No matter what you are interested in, you will have a good time during your visit.

Sea World San Diego Offers a Fun Day Out For the Whole Family

Appropriately located on the gorgeous San Diego coast, Sea World successfully mixes the fun and excitement of a theme park with the educational aspects of an aquarium.

Sea World features three rides, a children’s play area, numerous aquarium-type exhibits and a great variety of live entertainment/ shows. The aquarium areas are nicely done; signs explain interesting details about the sea life on display. The hands-on touch pools have staff available to answer questions and provide information on the types of sealife in the touch pool. At the Ray touch pool (called Forbidden Reef), buy some fish to feed the rays. You can do the same at Rocky Point Preserve to feed the dolphins. Pet the colorful starfish at the Tide Pool.

There are three rides included in the price of admission (there are two additional rides available at a fee– Bayside Skyride and Skytower Ride). Shipwreck Rapids is a raft ride and Journey to Atlantis is a log-style water ride / roller coaster. You are almost certain to get wet! The Wild Arctic is a helicopter simulator ride which takes you over a beautiful Artic Landscape (but watch out for the winter storm blowing in…it’s going to be a rough ride!).

To truly experience what Sea World has to offer, take the time to go to the shows. Pets Rule has a variety of non-sea animals; some of whom were rescued from shelters. There are shows at the Dolphin Stadium, Sea Lion and Otter Stadium and Shamu Stadium (if the park is open into the night, you will have a chance to see different shows at these stadiums- I highly recommend the Shamu Rocks show).

As with other theme parks, there are plenty of opportunities to buy snacks and souvenirs throughout the park. There are also sit-down restaurants. We found them to be priced in-line with other similar parks; not cheap but not as expensive as Disney parks. The kids were happy to find a variety of souvenirs in their price range. Overall I thought the souvenir prices were very reasonable. If your children love Build-a-Bear or similar, be sure to stop in at Wild Creations to have your own Shamu or dolphin stuffed. Other things to do while at Sea World: play at the new Sesame Street Bay of Play and visit the Clydesdales.

We found the staff to be friendly and informative. There seemed to be plenty of employees around to answer questions. Though large, the park is well sign-posted so it is pretty easy to find your way around. Be sure to grab a park map as you enter the facility; it’s a big help. There are restrooms conveniently located throughout; including several family restrooms. The only negatives we found were the length of the ride lines and the parking lot. Because there are only 3 included rides, the lines tend to be quite long. Try to ride the rides while others are at shows. The lines were a bit shorter then. If you stay until park closing, expect to have a long wait getting out of the parking lot. We found the people to be rude and aggressive as we tried to exit. The parking lot was not well sign posted to encourage easy exiting of this large amount of vehicles.

Though not included in the general admission price, I highly recommend reserving a spot to Dine with Shamu. Though the price might seem overwhelming at first glance, we found this to be the highlight of our Sea World trip. Breakfast with Shamu is a bit cheaper and an amazing way to start your day at Sea World. We were seated pool side, where we could see perfectly how the trainers interact with “Shamu”. At the same time we were served a very tasty buffet breakfast. Well worth the price!

As if a great day with your family isn’t enough to feel good about, here is an interesting tidbit of information to make you feel even better about the money spent on admission to the park. Sea World is involved in the rescue and recovery of injured and endangered sea life. Most of the sea life they help is eventually returned to its natural habitat, while a few sea animals will stay on at the park (based upon necessity).

Sea World San Diego is located at 500 Sea World Drive. Their phone number is 800.257.4268. Ticket prices begin at $59 for adults and $49 for children. There is a AAA discount available or check the Entertainment Book for a discount coupon. Parking is $10 per day. If you are leaving and returning the same day, just show your parking receipt when you re-enter the parking lot. There is preferred parking available for $15. This is worth the extra if you are arriving later in the day when the parking lot if already quite full. Sea World’s hours vary greatly depending on time of year and day of the week. Contact them for an updated schedule.