Las Vegas Top 3 Animal Attractions

With all the flashing lights, massive billboards, and the grandeur of Las Vegas, you forget that Las Vegas is more than just that. There are shows, attractions, and much more. One of the specialties of Las Vegas, and always a crowd pleaser, is the animal attractions located in the city. Here we take a look at the top 3 animal attractions.

1. Lion Habitat at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

Inside the casino of the MGM Grand, visitors can view the “king of the jungle” in a 5,000 square foot habitat equipped with it’s own waterfall. Open for viewing from 11 in the morning until 7 at night, visitors can snap pictures and watch as the lions interact with the handlers, chew on their gigantic rawhides, and even play with bowling balls. Although the exhibit is open for 8 hours, no one lion stays in the artificial habitat for more than 6 hours, as they are interchanged from their permanent home, which is on a 8.5 acre ranch 12 miles away from the hotel.

2. Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino

Visitors of the Flamingo Hotel and Casino receive an added bonus that is unmatched in Las Vegas. One of the more popular attractions, there contains a small island inhabited by hundreds of exotic birds, which is free of charge to the public. Climate and habitat are regulated for the animals, while plants and heat lamps are placed to make the birds feel right at home. The waters surrounding the island is home to many fish and turtles. You can view the penguin feeding at 3pm daily, in addition to the swans, ducks and flamingos that roam the grounds. Because of the around the clock hours and the convenience of not having to travel far to see this amazing sight, the Flamingo Hotel and Casino is a must see while in the Las Vegas area.

3. Mirage Aquarium at the Mirage Hotel and Casino

With the wide variety of hotels to stay at, and attractions to visit in Vegas, being unique is a challenge of each establishment. At the Mirage Hotel and Casino, the word unique is taken to a whole new level with fish and other sea animals added to the hotel lobby. Open for viewing all day, every day, this 53 foot long aquarium is home to over 1000 sea creatures and will make your check-in experience one you will never forget.