Enjoying Sea Life in the Aquarium During Rhodes Holidays

Rhodes Island located in Greece is one of the major tourist’s spots because of its beauty as well as the facilities offered. Rhodes Island is rich in attractive sites and places. Whether you are looking for a limited budget vacation or a luxurious tropical holiday, Rhodes Island is the right place to be. The island has best hotels, shopping malls, resorts, restaurants, parks, transportation and entertainment facilities.

Colossus of Rhodes, seven springs, surfer’s paradise Ixia and many others worth seeing places are located here. The natural beauty of Rhodes: its beaches, hills, landscapes, rivers, flora and fauna attract nature lovers from all over the world.

Rhodes Holidays:

Whether you are looking for a close to nature vacation, relaxing vacation, learning vacation or an adventurous one Rhodes Holidays ideas covers all aspects. Rhodes Holidays can not fail to satisfy you, you can find everything you need for your vacation here.

For spending your holidays in Rhodes, one of the major attractions is The Aquarium of Rhodes.

The Aquarium of Rhodes- Hydrobiological Station:

The Aquarium of Rhodes is located in the Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes which serves as a research centre and is one of its kinds in the Mediterranean region. The station is located in the north of Rhodes town. The Hydrobiological Station has a small museum and an aquarium where research is conducted on oceanography.

The famous aquarium in this station is located in the basement of station building. The aquarium is an amazing place to see the marine life of the Mediterranean. Tourists and guests visit this station during Rhodes Holidays to get a close look at the sea organisms.

The Aquarium:

The Aquarium has 40 tanks and a capacity of 80,000 litres. The tanks hold a large population of Mediterranean vertebrates and invertebrates. The marine species living here include urchins, sea anemones, lobsters, fish, sea turtles, algae, octopuses, corals, bivalves, different sea plants and many more.

The different animals and plants here are given an environment similar to their natural habitat and are taken good care of. The aquarium has a unique layout and is well decorated. It is available for the public and tourists to see during Rhodes Holidays.

The area of the station where public is allowed is a circular area that displays thirteen small and fifteen large tanks. The children and elders equally enjoy seeing the amazing sea creatures in their natural behaviour and living. The unique experience provided by this aquarium makes it a must visit place during Rhodes Holidays.

Sea Creatures:

At the aquarium the visitors and guests can see various sea organisms. The rare and endangered species are also stored here and given proper care and protection. The sea creature found here includes sea turtles, echinoderms, crabs, molluscs, seals, sharps, dolphins, scorpion fish, phantom crabs, sea bass etc. Immigrant species of sea animals from the red sea are also found here.

Tourists and guests can find this place really informative. There is also a museum in the station where one can look at very interesting models and animals. The young children find the whole experience of visiting the aquarium really interesting. Families that come for Rhodes Holidays must bring their children here.